You can change the way people see you by changing the way you dress. Think of priests and policeman, a uniform is often a great disguise. Image is a funny thing, as it is, mostly, in the minds of others looking from the outside at your exterior. Now, there are image experts running around in the media, claiming to be able to interpret who someone really is from their outer skin. We could just sit down and ask the person, who they think that they are and what really matters to them. Our outside in, reverse style psychology prefers the upside-down methodology of judging others by the clothes and hair they wear.

Style Over Substance Scores More Points in the 21C

Style over substance replaced not judging a book by its cover several decades ago and maybe, even, longer. The social imperative conditioned into human behaviour, demands that we as a race, are forever paying more attention to what is around us than what is inside. We group together in massive urban centres, our coastal cities here in Australia. Where sheep may graze on the plains, but our herd mentality is ever present in Westfield shopping malls and other places of cultural habitation.

Is Life a Catwalk for the Rich & Famous?

Listen to successful people and you will wonder what the hubbub is all about. They engage stylists and fashion consultants to direct their every move in public. They wear makeup with a talking point, that no animal was harmed in the testing and manufacture of this product. Celebrities ensure that the garments that clothe them do not come out of sweatshops, no, these low rent factories are for you and me. Is life a catwalk for the rich and famous? Are you a mere spectator in the greater scheme of things? Questions without answer in the modern age.

The Psychology of Fashion

Yes, you can improve your image by changing the way you dress. Do you remember the one about the Emperor’s New Clothes? The psychology of fashion sits like a talisman on the rump of every woman and the inside leg of every man. Is it people revealing or hiding who they really are? Do we as individuals, even, know who we really are? Image consultants may chatter about style and fashion meeting matters of self-image and identity, but pigeons twitter as loudly in the direction of a few crumbs of self-worth.