Recent research coming out of the University of Auckland, New Zealand, shows that standing up straight can help alleviate depression. Slumping and slouching are no way to go about your life, if you want to feel upbeat and confident about things. Good posture makes sense, when you think about the autonomic nervous system running up and down our spinal columns and into our brains.  Even, sitting up straight is helpful for those who want to feel better and more alert. You can boost your self-image physically and mentally, by simply maintaining an upright posture.

Physical Self Image Matters

Looking good, often, equates with feeling good, as many of us know from experience. There are very few real objective points of reference around self-image, they are, mostly, subjective. Physical self-image matters are intrinsically tied up with emotional and mental states. Stand up and sit up straight, many parents and teachers demanded these postural basics from their children and students in times gone by. Have we let things slip, culturally speaking in the modern age? Could it be time to boost self-image, physically and mentally, in our communities through a return to these basics?

Poor Posture is Linked to Mild Forms of Depression

Of course, some people are physically challenged in their attempts to stand up straight and require some therapeutic and structural help. Low intensity lasers can help with feet problems, which may be impeding the ability to stand up straight. Osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors are working with clients on a daily basis, to assist them in their goal to improve posture. Now, we know that poor posture is linked to mild forms of depression, their work is even more important to the overall health of our community. Rather, than doctors handing out anti-depressants like candy in instances like these, perhaps, we can begin to offer a better pathway to relief from depression.

The Importance of Self-Image to Feelings of Self-Worth

Dental work and the remedial benefits of an attractive smile, also, improves self-image physically and mentally. It is hard to meet the world with a smile if you have bad teeth. Today, we realise the importance of self-image to feelings of self-worth. We no longer hide away from these facts, with some self-deprecating Christian mumbo jumbo. There is nothing wrong with being proud and confident in your own sense of self. Genuflecting to some supernatural entity that may or may not live in the sky, is no solution to who you really are.