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Ita Buttrose – Media revolutionary

Ita Buttrose, in full Ita Clare Buttrose, (born January 17, 1942, Sydney, Australia), Australian journalist, editor, and businesswoman who was the founding editor (1972–75) of the highly popular Australian women’s magazine Cleo and the first woman to serve as editor in chief (1981–84) of the Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers in Sydney.

Among her many other public service and charitable activities, Buttrose is a patron of Women of Vision, World Vision Australia, the University of Third Age, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation of Australia, Amarant, the National Menopause Foundation, the Sydney Women’s Festival, Safety House and the National Institute of Secretaries and Administrators. Buttrose is an ambassador of the Australian Women Chamber of Commerce (AWCCI) and sits on the AWCCI Advisory Board.



Leadership is both a research area and a practical skill encompassing the ability of an individual or organization to “lead” or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organization.

Marketing Your Electrician’s Business in 2021

Marketing Your Electrician’s Business in 2021

It was process begun in Britain in the mid 18th century that later spread to other countries. Its term was popularised in 1852 by economic historian Arnold Toynbee as the Industrial Revolution, and it gave people the impression that science and technology can, and will, not only solve all problems, but provide a better quality of exponentially improving life for all. Rather, it has instead delivered unfettered gentrification, and not simply a worldwide technological and economic divide, but a widening chasm.

Most of us are aware that 1% of the world’s population holds all the money there is; in itself a staggering eighty million individuals. Illustratively, it’s a little less than the entire population of Turkey. In terms of our current global population of 7.79 billion, it’s frighteningly miniscule. As is our skill in critical thinking. Social media has provided a medium in which the ignorant now have a voice. This gives the tendency for tropes and buzzwords to radiate, carrying exclusive paradigms that effectively close down discussion. We use a content marketing agency rather than personally connecting all the time; and it’s easy to get the ball rolling and go viral with half-baked ideas of promises that science and technology have not given.

Communication, by and large, has become heavily reliant on tropes delivered with neither embarrassment nor the need to justify or explain. Just over a century ago, Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity caused immense changes in perspective because of its awareness and attentiveness to the correlation of time and reality, yet within a decade of that, the development of quantum physics did not have anything like the same effect on modern thinking. It appears that by then, human curiosity had somehow started to wane in the same way we no longer notice or comment on marketing emergency electrical fixes.

Improve Your Image by Changing the Way You Dress

You can change the way people see you by changing the way you dress. Think of priests and policeman, a uniform is often a great disguise. Image is a funny thing, as it is, mostly, in the minds of others looking from the outside at your exterior. Now, there are image experts running around in the media, claiming to be able to interpret who someone really is from their outer skin. We could just sit down and ask the person, who they think that they are and what really matters to them. Our outside in, reverse style psychology prefers the upside-down methodology of judging others by the clothes and hair they wear.

Style Over Substance Scores More Points in the 21C

Style over substance replaced not judging a book by its cover several decades ago and maybe, even, longer. The social imperative conditioned into human behaviour, demands that we as a race, are forever paying more attention to what is around us than what is inside. We group together in massive urban centres, our coastal cities here in Australia. Where sheep may graze on the plains, but our herd mentality is ever present in Westfield shopping malls and other places of cultural habitation.

Is Life a Catwalk for the Rich & Famous?

Listen to successful people and you will wonder what the hubbub is all about. They engage stylists and fashion consultants to direct their every move in public. They wear makeup with a talking point, that no animal was harmed in the testing and manufacture of this product. Celebrities ensure that the garments that clothe them do not come out of sweatshops, no, these low rent factories are for you and me. Is life a catwalk for the rich and famous? Are you a mere spectator in the greater scheme of things? Questions without answer in the modern age.

The Psychology of Fashion

Yes, you can improve your image by changing the way you dress. Do you remember the one about the Emperor’s New Clothes? The psychology of fashion sits like a talisman on the rump of every woman and the inside leg of every man. Is it people revealing or hiding who they really are? Do we as individuals, even, know who we really are? Image consultants may chatter about style and fashion meeting matters of self-image and identity, but pigeons twitter as loudly in the direction of a few crumbs of self-worth.

Boost Your Self Image Physically and Mentally

Recent research coming out of the University of Auckland, New Zealand, shows that standing up straight can help alleviate depression. Slumping and slouching are no way to go about your life, if you want to feel upbeat and confident about things. Good posture makes sense, when you think about the autonomic nervous system running up and down our spinal columns and into our brains.  Even, sitting up straight is helpful for those who want to feel better and more alert. You can boost your self-image physically and mentally, by simply maintaining an upright posture.

Physical Self Image Matters

Looking good, often, equates with feeling good, as many of us know from experience. There are very few real objective points of reference around self-image, they are, mostly, subjective. Physical self-image matters are intrinsically tied up with emotional and mental states. Stand up and sit up straight, many parents and teachers demanded these postural basics from their children and students in times gone by. Have we let things slip, culturally speaking in the modern age? Could it be time to boost self-image, physically and mentally, in our communities through a return to these basics?

Poor Posture is Linked to Mild Forms of Depression

Of course, some people are physically challenged in their attempts to stand up straight and require some therapeutic and structural help. Low intensity lasers can help with feet problems, which may be impeding the ability to stand up straight. Osteopaths, physiotherapists and chiropractors are working with clients on a daily basis, to assist them in their goal to improve posture. Now, we know that poor posture is linked to mild forms of depression, their work is even more important to the overall health of our community. Rather, than doctors handing out anti-depressants like candy in instances like these, perhaps, we can begin to offer a better pathway to relief from depression.

The Importance of Self-Image to Feelings of Self-Worth

Dental work and the remedial benefits of an attractive smile, also, improves self-image physically and mentally. It is hard to meet the world with a smile if you have bad teeth. Today, we realise the importance of self-image to feelings of self-worth. We no longer hide away from these facts, with some self-deprecating Christian mumbo jumbo. There is nothing wrong with being proud and confident in your own sense of self. Genuflecting to some supernatural entity that may or may not live in the sky, is no solution to who you really are.

Give Your Life a Professional Makeover

Are you living the life you want to? Are you living the life you deserve? It is too easy to fall into a rut at various times during our lives. Too easy to let things, get on top of us and to slide into ennui and indifference. Changing the outer aspects of your existence can, sometimes, stimulate some profound inner changes. No matter what some people might have told you or led you to believe, if your inner reality is not happy, you will struggle to find real happiness outside of yourself. Give your life a professional makeover and see what happens.

Endower Your Existence with Some Elegance & Excitement

Don’t just trudge along in life. Endower your existence with some elegance and excitement. Take some time to stop and smell the flowers. Don’t be like Sisyphos, rolling that big boulder up that hill, only to see it roll back down before he reached the top. Reaching the top is a relative concept; only you know when you have achieved your pinnacle. Why not, fake it till you make it? Look the part and you may begin to feel the part. Don’t just dream it, live it.

Charity Begins at Home!

Do some renovations, both inside and out. Give your life a professional makeover from top to bottom. Optimise your health in the process, I mean, what are you waiting for? Is some fairy godmother going to take your Cinderella to the ball, to meet your charming prince? Get out of them rags and get out and about. Nobody is going to find you, all locked up in your flat or house. Life is out there and all around you. Haven’t you heard? Charity begins at home, which means give to yourself first. Then, you can share the overflow of your beneficence with others, when you have something to share.

Step Into the Light

They say, beach living is ninety percent in the mind. It is an attitude, at once, casual and refined. Your life can be considered analogous with a stylish beach shack or chalet in the dunes. It feels the breezes and hears the sound of the ocean surf breaking upon the shore. The taste of the salt on your lover’s skin on a warm summer’s night. Remember to endower your existence with some elegance and excitement. The best way to achieve this, is to give your life a professional makeover. Reinvent yourself and put away the tired and dull you. Step into the light.